If you travel domestically Okinawa is recommended.

If you live in the Kanto region, traveling will definitely become a touris...

If you live in the Kanto region, traveling will definitely become a tourist destination from the ancient times around Kanto. In case of myself, Hakone, Ito and Manazuru and the northern side have the opportunity to go to Utsunomiya and Kinugawa by bus trip. I also went to the Boso Peninsula to pick flowers of flowers on Boso Peninsula. Recently I have not been going to a day trip clearly clearly due to the recession, but since expenses should have been reduced due to the price drop of oil and deflation, there should be a considerable advantage plan if I look it up. Meanwhile, if you say that you can extend your legs a little further, the highly recommended travel destination is Kurashiki / Onomichi. Does Onomichi say ""the girl who leapt through time""? Although it tends to associate with Otama, the special topography of Onomichi is a scenery like a garden that was really away from Japan somewhere like a dream town. Then Kurashiki is attacked by a feeling of euphoria in an oriental atmosphere like something of a Chinese outback. In Japan's traditional town, it will be Kyoto and Nara by all means, but Kyoto and Nara have places where tourists and local people are completely separated, and if you notice there, somewhat artificial I feel like that. Such a person recommends going to places where not much people go.

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