If you travel domestically Okinawa is recommended.

There are recommended destinations in the country.

There are recommended destinations in the country. That's Zubari, Shikoku and Kyushu, Hokkaido. Especially, I think Kyushu is a nice feeling. The Kyushu dialect is defeated. Well it's natural to hear it, though. After all, the ramen is delicious. That is worth to eat absolutely. In my life, the proportion of ramen in me is quite large. Speaking of which travel destination I recommend is Atami. This is pretty solid ... Hokkaido is also nice. Genghis Khan is the best! Well, after all, Atami, Kyushu, Hokkaido is not it. I also want to go to Atami. I have not gone to Kyushu any more recently, and I think that I should not go on a domestic trip soon ... But anyway, what about Hokkaido 's friends, how are you doing this now? I have not met for quite a while, are you doing well? With such a thing of the year, this summer, I am also planning a domestic trip with my friend. Rather than just now, I'm just placing my friends on plans such as where to go. My friends are also stubborn;

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