If you travel domestically Okinawa is recommended.

My hobby is traveling.

My hobby is traveling. Since my childhood, my parents liked to travel and they took us around Japan all over the country. The influence still makes travel a hobby. Speaking of traveling, I think that some people are overseas, but I still prefer Japanese people. The destination I want to recommend domestically is Shinshu. I am going to Shinshu every summer since I was a child. Because I live in Kansai, summer in Shinshu is very easy to spend and is comfortable. Among Shinshu, my favorite land is Kamikochi. Azusagawa in Taisho pond, and the mountains surrounding it. Beautiful scenery spreads from any direction. I took pictures with various angles. In Kamikochi, there are means to get on the bus etc, but I am a walking school by far. It is a very pleasant thing to walk along the Azusa River course from Taisho pond to Kappa Bridge. Kamikochi is very cool and I think it is a perfect place for the summer's summer heat. Of course, the food is delicious, so I look forward to it every year.

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